Mac software update taking forever

Can you check your Internet connection and make sure it's stable? Try downloading the update from Apple's website in a browser.

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You can mount and run the installer manually after it's been downloaded. I am having the same problem and have been having it for over two days. It isn't an internet problem for a change! I have tried manually downloading the file from Apple, even on a different computer a PC , but no go. Last night, the Software Update panel kept failing at Then I would restart it and it would pick up at about MB and then fail again at It isn't downloading, either from Software Update or from the web site.

Is Apple having server problems? I don't see any on their status page.

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This is a perennial problem now. Direct update package download happens like a breeze but auto update is surely broken. Thanks for the info, I succeeded in hiding the Catalina upgrade. I tried the command twice. I cut and pasted the code, then I tried typing it it.

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Neither attempt worked. This works to ignore macOS Catalina update, I have used it on multiple Macs and can confirm directly. You must use exact syntax in the command line. There is also a red dot on the system prefs dock icon. Any suggestions to get rid of those two annoyances?

Thanks in advance. This workaround did not work for me. I am on a MacMini late I am not used to working with Terminal. When I type in the ignore command then enter, I get Password: and a key symbol. It will not allow me to type in my Admin password.

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I do not want to run Catalina as I am having issues with it to start with. I think that upgrading may cause additional issues. A new Mac is not on my horizon, so I need to baby this one. Please try again as the command does work to hide the MacOS Catalina update from appearing as a software update. What you are experiencing sounds like the terminal security feature that hides passwords when typed. Type the command exactly as shown in the article and then hit return. When asked for your admin password, type it at the prompt anyway, but yes it will not show up.

The terminal intentionally does not display typed passwords as a security mechanism. I may not be typing this correctly re: spaces where the — — appear. By default, only displays updates installed by softwareupdate.

Paul, I forgot to say thank you! Not sure if that makes a difference. Looks like you left off the —ignore syntax.

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  6. The command line requires precise syntax or command will not execute or not execute as expected, performing another result. Question: If at some future time I do install Catalina, will this block subsequent Catalina update notices? How do I do that for a security update that was done but continues to suggest repeatedly?

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    You could also install it from a package updater downloaded from the Apple website. Anyway, you can ignore any update by changing the name of the update, be sure to use exact match syntax:. Anyone know if this stops the update Notification Banner that pops up several times a day? The instructions for stopping it on previous systems no longer work. It is so sad that aPpLe chooses to operate this way.

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    I never expected to say this, but I deeply regret ever having bought a Mac. This latest update makes me want to bite the bullet and revert to back to the surprisingly MUCH more stable windows OS fast, which I continue to use at work. The incessant Mac OS update experience has been disturbing.

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    Why would I want iPad or iPhone apps on my Mac? They are completely different devices with different uses. So why would I want Catalina? Igor, you can easily write a small script to execute that terminal command at login I do it with Time Machine to get rid of system Throttle.

    That said, you need to rule out each of these factors so as to eliminate them from the underlying cause. For safekeeping, it is highly recommended to back up your Mac before updating. Make sure that the capacity of the external drive is the same or higher than that of your Mac storage.

    Complying to the update requirements is also imperative to ensure successful software update installation. Among the things that you need to carry out and check before updating your Mac are as follow:. If the update still gets stuck or the update installation fails, then you should rule out other software-related factors that might have hindered your Mac from updating to macOS Mojave Note that the underlying cause of the problem is still to be determined and so there is no definite solution.

    That said, applying several methods is likely needed until the error is corrected. There are many ways to restart your Mac. To carry out the standard restart procedure, simply do this:. After restarting the system, download and install macOS If you still encounter errors like macOS Suspended apps or apps that are kept opened and running in the background during the update may also interrupt the updating process and thereby results to a stuck installation. As soon as your Mac has completely rebooted, try to download and install the update again and see if the error is no longer showing up.