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The tested products were purchased in the United States and shipped in the original packaging to VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research in Belgium, where fat extracted from each product sample was analyzed for 13 phthalates using validated test methods, Mr. Belliveau said. Belliveau said consumers would have a hard time avoiding the chemical.

Macaroni and Cheese Calories and Carbs Listed by Brand and Preparation

Belliveau, who is urging consumers to contact manufacturers and pressure them to investigate how phthalates are getting into their products and take steps to eliminate it. Nine of the cheese products tested were made by Kraft, which makes most of the macaroni and cheese products sold, though the group did not disclose the names of specific products tested. Officials with Kraft did not respond to requests for comment on the report and its findings.

Kraft quietly pulled the artificial ingredients from its classic mac and cheese

Devon Hill, a lawyer in Washington who has experience with companies that make phthalates, said many phthalates have been phased out of food processing and packaging, and that those still in use result in very low exposures. The cheese tests looked for the presence of 13 different phthalates and detected all but two, with some food items containing up to six different phthalates in a single product.

Environmental and food safety groups petitioned the F.

Phthalates are not deliberately added to food. They are industrial chemicals used to soften plastics and are used as solvents, in adhesives and in ink on packaging. The chemicals migrate into food from food processing equipment like plastic tubing, conveyor belts and gaskets and other plastic materials used in the manufacturing process, and can also seep in from printed labels or plastic materials in the packaging. Since they bind with fats, they tend to build up in fatty foods, including not just cheese but baked goods, infant formula, meats, oils and fats, and fast food, studies show.

How to make "Kraft Mac N' Cheese" in 5 minutes!

Europe has banned many phthalates from use in plastics that come into contact with fatty foods, including baby food, but the F. Although the concentration of phthalates in food may be quite low, measured in parts per billion, they are still present at higher levels than the natural hormones in the body, said Heather B.


Just as a kid might eat artfully disguised veggies one day and throw a tantrum over the same food the next, things do not always go smoothly. Dye Job: Just this week, Mondelez International, which owns Nabisco, announced its first new snack brand in more than a decade, a line of snack crisps called Good Thins that are made with no artificial flavors or colors and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Building market share for new products is expensive and time-consuming, even as messing with the appearance or taste of an established brand is risky. When General Mills released a new version of Trix cereal made without the use of artificial colors, the party-hued breakfast staple was missing its blue and green crisps, as the company was reportedly unable to find natural substitutes for those colors.

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  • Kraft Heinz seems to feel as if it has scored something of a PR coup in its stealth rollout of its reformulated mac and cheese.